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Celebrate Haribo!
Celebrate Haribo!
Posted on: September 9, 2021
Haribo is a proven winner in their category, with GoldBears being an iconic brand customers know and love. With their 100 anniversary being celebrated, customers can enjoy new products like Limited Time Party Hat gummies and flavors like Blue Raspberry, Pineapple and Watermelon. In addition to their 100 year anniversary, Haribo has other new products like Haribo Sour Kicks Z!NG! This product provides a highly unique sour experience, delivering BIG sour flavor in every bite without the mess of a sour dust coating. Each stylish sneaker will electrify your taste buds with a range of fruity flavors. This new product has strong consumer testing results, it is highly rated by consumers as a fun product! This further expands Z!NG's offering of fun, unique and playful shapes and forms.
Posted on: August 12, 2021
To all Retailers, As you all know we are in an unparalleled time in history with numerous supply chain interruptions, we are working behind the scenes to ensure that we have practical product solutions for a disrupted supply eco-system. I have spoken with many innovative c-store and supermarket owners recently as they navigate a treacherous supply chain caused by the economic impact of Covid-19. Here is what I found they have in common: They are quick to temporarily pivot to items they can get instead of leaving a hole on the shelf for the disrupted item.They over project their quantities on the upcoming order to compensate for the items that manufacturer’s cannot supply to avoid shortages.They embrace new items, as manufacturers work hard to protect the supply chain on key new items.They use displays and floor stacks to create impulse solutions and to fill the shelf as the display sells down.They are creative with Grab & Go solutions for the store. In the upcoming weeks we will  looking at the top 25 impact outs each week and give you some items (with current inventory) that you pivot to in this challenging product pipeline.  We will also give you some commodity headlines, with behind the scenes insight on how we can partner together to win in this tough environment.
Posted on: August 9, 2021
About The Store Solutions TeamOur Store Solutions program was launched in the Fall of 2014. Our 11 Teams are located in 3 states Washington, Oregon, and Northern California totaling 20 Team members, including our newest Team out of Portland, OR based in our new Rich and Rhine Portland Distribution Center! The program is 7 years old and has added 6 teams throughout the Pacific Northwest since its inception. Our Store Solutions Team serves our 2,200 c-store and small market customers. Annually they re-set and merchandise approximately 500 customers across all regions. Their resets accomplish everything from cleaning up categories and retagging them, to building brand new gondolas, throwing a stocking order, and can include a redesign by request. How Does The Store Solutions Team Benefit Customers?Our Store Solutions team bring the most relevant and timely marketing and industry knowledge to each reset via SKU selections which are in our Merchandising Guide. These selections are based on industry data like MSA, Nielson, and IRI. This data is specific to the customers we serve. In addition, our team members are skilled at being creative and innovative with on hand resources, from shelving to racks, to achieve the best possible results. Not every customer hasidentical resources, so the challenge is real. How Does The Store Solutions Team Evaluate Stores?The team meets with the Territory Sales Manager, along with the store manager or representative to determine customer priorities and get a feel for how what the customer is expecting for their store. They then take this information and design a layout with category assignment. A great example of this is Jacks Mini Mart located in The Dalles, OR. This was a large job, approximately 5,000 sq. ft. Marcy, Lead Store Solutions Representative out of Vancouver, WA had the help of three Territory Sales Managers. They all pitched in on the job by tearing down shelving and rebuilding it. This job took a few months of preparation, with many new things moving into the location, but overall, the team did a great job resetting the store and making it look fantastic!
Posted on: June 15, 2021
Since 1923, Harbor has been a family-owned business supporting the family-owned businesses in our local communities. In celebration of Father's Day, we reached out to our customer Tek & Sundeep Sandhu, father-and-son owners of S&S Marts along the Oregon coast. Much like Harbor, their business is multi-generational and locally operated. Tell us about your stores (history, location, etc.) and how you support your community. Sundeep: My father, Tek Sandhu, was an immigrant from Punjab, India. He left home in his early twenties with a goal to build a better life for his family and achieve the American dream. Upon arrival, he worked in the farming industry. As he was able to gain experience, he landed a job at Winchell’s Donut House. Through hard work and determination, he was able to go from Baker, to Assistant Manager, to Manager, and eventually District Manager. In 1998, my parents bought their first store, Day N’ Night Market, in Vancouver, WA. From there, they bought more stores throughout Vancouver, and eventually on the coast in cities such as Seaside, Astoria, and Long Beach. One of the main reasons for the success of our stores is that we like to give back to the community as much as possible. Whether that’s giving donations to local schools, or sponsoring an event, we always value building up the area where we do business. Another way we give back is through renovating our locations. New flooring, cabinets, coolers, shelving, and overall design help give the community a revived and clean look. Tell us about the family-aspect of your business. History, family members etc. How has being family-owned benefited your business? Sundeep: We have always been a family-oriented business. The mindset of family first and business second has helped us keep our priorities in check. We are a large family, but very connected. My father and I oversee the general operations of all the coastal stores, while my cousins, Govrdan and Davinder, are in charge of day to day operations. My mother helps run a few of the stores locally. The fact that we are a family-owned business has helped shape our business because it helps us view our employees as part of our family, who then show that same respect towards the customers. How has your partnership with Harbor helped you to be successful? Sundeep: Harbor has the same priorities that we have, supporting our local communities. Just like we treat our employees and customers as family, Harbor shows that same love to us. Harbor is there to support us when we are working on a new project, like a remodel. The responsiveness and connectivity that we experience from Harbor helps when we are expanding and improving our business. We have had an excellent experience with Harbor and are excited for the future.
Posted on: June 9, 2021
ABOUT SUN PACIFIC ENERGYSpanning four generations, the Eerkes Family has provided quality fuel products and exemplary service to all their customers. Beginning in Yakima, Washington after WWI with a Richfield service station, they invested in their community of Tri-Cities, Washington by providing heating oil and lubricants, which was just the beginnings of Sun Pacific Energy. Convenience stores were the added in the 1980’s as well as acquisitions in Yakima and the Seattle area all to better serve their customers and communities. Sun Pacific currently operates 8 Sun Market stores, 4 Firehouse Sub restaurants and Golf Universe. They are expanding their footprint in Washington state with 4 more new locations over the next 2 years to include 3 more Sun Market stores and another Firehouse restaurant. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENTSun Pacific Energy is committed to support the communities in which they conduct business. Each year the “Eerkes Memorial Golf Classic for Kid” is hosted by the Eerkes family and sponsored by Sun Pacific Energy. This annual event brings together the community and provides annual financial operating support for both organizations.Sun Pacific Proudly Supports:•Eerkes Memorial Golf Classic for Kids•Boys & Girls Clubs of America•YoungLife ASSOCIATIONSSun Pacific Energy personnel take an active interest and leadership positions in associations which directly impact the fuel and convenience store industries. Annual visits to Washington D.C. to interact with legislators continues to be an important component to monitor industry regulations.Staying ahead of current legislation and best business practices give Sun Pacific the edge in ensuring the best possible outcomes for both company-op and dealer sites. SUN MARKETS & HARBOR WHOLESALESun Markets has been a Harbor Wholesale Customer for 8 years. The Sun Pacific Energy team continually strives to maintain an excellent reputation in the communities they serve. They are founded upon three simple principles:•Friendliness: Working together as an efficient team to provide a consistently friendly and positive atmosphere for their customers and employees.•Cleanliness: Maintaining a safe and clean environment that provides quality products that are well merchandised at fair prices.•Honesty: Striving to be recognized as a leader because of their loyalty and integrity toward each other, their customers, their communities, and thir company. Sun Markets are your convenient on the go stop. If you are looking for a quick market to pick up your morning hot cup of coffee or some fresh food for a quick break, Sun Market is your place to stop. They offer fast and friendly service to make your pit stop as enjoyable as possible. Harbor has been instrumental in setting up new locations or revamping existing locations. With Harbor’s expertise in merchandising and schematics they are confident that they are providing their customers the best experience with the best product offerings. Harbor has consistently helped them enhance their coffee and fresh food programs with innovative ideas and with new products to keep them relevant to customer buying habits. Harbor has been a great partner that truly invests the time and resources to create the professional look and feel of their Sun Market stores. Sun Markets enjoys working with another family run business that values their customers and keeps their commitments. Sun Pacific Energy was fortunate to keep all of our locations open throughout the pandemic. Every employee kept their job and they pulled together as a team to help each other and their community during this time. Sun Pacific donated over 4,000 meals to local schools with children in need. At the same time, Sun Pacific donated over 1,000 meals to First Responders and healthcare providers.
Posted on: May 14, 2021
Tillamook Country Smoker Meat Snacks deliver what salty snackers seek while attracting new consumers and offering a strong product affinity with “healthier” products and beverages. Typically on a budget and crunched for time while looking for a protein-packed snack, the c-store meat snack consumer finds exactly what they’re looking for on the fly with both traditional and better-for-you Tillamook Country Smoker meat snack options. With 25% of consumers saying they’re snacking more frequently these days,[1] Tillamook Country Smoker’s diverse portfolio sets store owners up for success in capturing a wide range of shopper snacking demand and maximizing sale potential. Perfect Portable Protein for On the Go Made with premium beef & pork real hardwood smoked to perfection, Tillamook Country Smoker Individually Wrapped Meat Sticks are the fastest growing in the channel and are gaining share.[2] Offered in top-selling flavors that meet consumer preferences, their 1.44oz Individually Wrapped Meat Sticks are also in the Top 10 unit movers in the category with their Pepperoni and Teriyaki sticks moving ~1.5x faster than the category Units/Store/Week average.[3] With 17% of consumers buying more larger sized packages,[4] Tillamook Country Smoker’s 4oz, 10oz & 12oz Smoked Sausages in a Bag also offer a convenient, shareable snacking solution for those seeking more than just 1 meat stick to refuel. The Category Leader in Zero Sugar Innovation Taking a protein-packed approach to convenient, better-for-you snacking, Tillamook Country Smoker Zero Sugar Beef Jerky & Smoked Sausages attract new c-store consumers and drive frequency. With zero sugar, zero carbs, 9-14g of protein per serving, and no MSG, added nitrites, gluten or artificial ingredients, they’re the ideal snack for consumers looking to cut back on sugar consumption without compromising on flavor. Tillamook Country Smoker’s newest addition to their Zero Sugar line-up includes a spicy yet balanced Zero Sugar Hot & Spicy Jerky powered by premium habaneros and available in convenient, resealable bags in small (2.2oz) and big (6.5oz) sizes. Increasing Category Velocity Average with Bulk Meat Snacks The #1 manufacturer of bulk meat snacks for 10+ years, Tillamook Country Smoker raises the Meats Snacks Category Velocity in national chains with its bulk product by 10%.[5] In 2020, Tillamook Country Smoker introduced a new COVID-friendly, “deli-style” wrapped jerky & smoked sausages line. Responding to shifting shopper behavior and preferences that are likely to stick around beyond the pandemic, the individually vacuum-packed nature of these meat sticks locks in freshness and increases shelf life with a packaging design that evokes both small-batch quality and value. The product targets both previous bulk customers and new customers, offering a solution for a $5 snack pack at an accessible, impulse-buy price point that helps increase basket size. Designed for the ultimate merchandising versatility in-store, Tillamook Country Smoker also offers eye-catching, customizable display racks, caddies, and clip strips to make it easy for bulk meat snack fans to stock up. [1] IRI 2021 Snacking Survey % of Consumers [2] IRI L26 12.27.20 Total US Convenience [3] IRI L13 WE 4.18.21 Total US Convenience, IW Traditional Sticks ACV >6.0 [4] IRI 2021 Snacking Survey % of Consumers [5] IRI L26 WE 1.24.21 Total US Convenience
Posted on: May 12, 2021
Have you ever wondered what went into your order or who all touched your order? We have come a long way from using paper and pen to pick customer orders. After Harbor receives items from the manufacturer, they are staged in excess locations. Our warehouse management system or WMS directs users where to place pallets in overstock and when to pull them down to fulfill orders. Our warehouse operation is always looking for new ways to be more efficient and innovative. From tools for order selection to ways to give order selectors instant achievements and gratification. The order selection department primarily operates Sunday through Thursday and starts picking orders at 2 PM. Orders that are being picked are put on trucks that night and delivered to the customer the next day. Almost as soon as an order is entered, we are printing tags and distributing them to their departments. Order selectors predominately use a voice picking system. Order selectors train their voice unit with a list of commands. They can then interact via a headset and confirm the correct item, quantity, and verify route information. This gives the team member an overall hands-free experience. Any each-picking is done as a team and picked into a tote. Team members work together to finish routes in tandem to keep the flow of the warehouse smooth and efficient. Totes are worked on together and sent to an automated sorting system where totes can be organized by pallet and route. We call this area of the warehouse the merge. They are then sent to our consolidation department where they scan and verify correct totes are being put on the correct pallet. Case picking is when a customer orders a full case of an item rather than a partial. These departments use a riding pallet jack to complete a pallet at a time. An order selector in the department will start an order with an empty pallet. It is their responsibility to make sure that it is built in a way to make our transportation team efficient as well. The order selector must consider weight of the item, stop on the route, food safety requirements, as well as where they are placing the picking tag. This is all done while still being accurate and efficient. After pallets are completed and wrapped, they are put onto Harbor dedicated trailers for our motivated and friendly transportation team to deliver to our customers. Order selectors are one of the key roles at Harbor and are essential in getting items to our trusted customers. This position has been a gateway for a lot of Harbor team members that have been promoted into customer service, IT, purchasing, and beyond.
Posted on: April 13, 2021
On March 4th, WB kicked off their marketing efforts for Space Jam: A New Legacy with an exclusive article & cover story on Entertainment Weekly, setting this up to be the hit movie of the Summer!  This is also the first time LeBron is speaking out about this previously top-secret project.  Lastly, the article confirms the previously communicated release date of July 16, 2021! • Entertainment Weekly article In the month of May, you can get your store ready for the Space Jam release with exclusive Ferrara products.